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¥ 15,457,127,605
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  • Genesis Time 2018-05
  • Country Switzerland
  • Pair 142
  • Currencies 131
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Dcoin trading platform is the world’s first financial industry-standard digital assets and derivatives trading platform that mainly provides cryptocurrency trading services for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite Coin and etc. Dcoin is founded by blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts with core members from Google, Baidu, 360 and other world renowned IT companies. Dcoin is operated by Swiss company, Davox Technology AG with operation centers in Switzerland and South Korea. Dcoin trading platform with its financial industry-standard security and technology provides investors a safe and stable trading environment while guarantees transaction to complete safely and efficiently. The platform adopts the world’s leading technical framework and it’s technical scheme based on Google Cloud and Amazon AWS, that effectively prevents DDOS attacks, support dynamic data and static data separately, support hot data caching, disaster recovery, parallel expansion, and effectively avoid common errors an vulnerabilities through a series of detection and optimization to secure all user transactions. Dcoin trading platform upholds the value of being transparent, open for all to participate, and share the value of blockchain for all to invest in digital assets. To protect investors’ rights and interest, Dcoin strictly examines and verifies all of the cryptocurrencies that are available for trading on the platform and cooperate with cryptocurrency developers to ensure more growth to the investment. The main goal for Dcoin is to provide a quick, simple and secure way for investors to invest and trade their digital assets with ease.



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  • Spot
# Name Pair Price(¥) 24H Vol 24H Vol(¥) Spread
1 bitcoin BTC/USDT ¥375,283.92 851 ¥317,865,483


2 ethereum ETH/USDT ¥25,274.46 112,304 ¥2,826,948,510


3 Binance Coin BNB/USDT ¥4,304.43 464,153 ¥1,992,599,670


4 ethereum ETH/BTC ¥25,301.17 30,543 ¥768,852,091


5 ethereum-classic ETC/USDT ¥766.68 1,115,901 ¥849,190,673